BASE seamless leggings DARK BEIGE

29,99 z DDV

  • high weistline
  • stretchable but compressed in the right places
  • comfortable for everyday activities, casual wear, rock climbing, and at the same time intense workouts
  • fast drying
  • GRAY color: completely squat proof, even at the lowest point of the squat
  • for CREME GOLD, we suggest lighter underwear
  • leggings are tight – we recommend a larger number
  • material: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex
The model is wearing a size S.

S = 34 – 36
M = 38 – 40
L = 40 – 44

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We wanted to bring the price and quality of the new BASE leggings closer to you, our regular customers, so hurry up and quickly get yours, as the STOCK is LIMITED.
You can find our BASE seamless leggings in GRAY and DARKE BEIGE color.
We made sure that the logo is minimalist, that it grips the body comfortably and offers 100% relaxed movement, and that they are suitable for all types of activities, from rollerblading to fitness, running, rock climbing or for everyday tasks and relaxed walks.
A high, compression, but not too strong high waist, provides a comfortable fit and emphasizes the feminine shape of the body. It compresses just right. When wearing our leggings, you find that they are extremely comfortable and completely adaptable to the individual’s body shape and that they accentuate exactly the areas you want.



S, M, L


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