SHY Seamless leggings – baby blue

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Our softest leggings ever, in which your movement will be completely free!

  • withstand the most intense workouts
  • a medium-high ribbed waist that makes the level the right compression on the abdomen
  • insanely soft and comfortable
  • in soft pastel shades
  • a longer cut that covers the ankles
  • more information in the description below…





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Shy leggings are definitely our softest and most comfortable seamless leggings till now. The feeling while wearing it is as if you have nothing on, so they are suitable for all sports activities or simply for when you want to feel completely relaxed and free.

They are available in three gentle colors – beige, baby pink and baby blue. The cut is longer, which means they cover the ankles. The waist is medium high and ribbed, so it grips the abdomen nicely, but does not press.


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